Vendia Brewery

Vendia Brewery

The brewery is a plant of 8.5 hl per. brew. The brewery is built to work according to completely modern brewing principles.

There have been established 6 pcs of fermentation / storage tanks of 800 liters and 2 pcs. at 1600 liters.

A little about beer

-“It’s old-fashioned craftsmanship that gives the good taste.

Water and malt is mashed to herb. After filtration the herb is boiled with hops. The boiling herb is cooled to between 10 and 20 degrees depending on the beer type and pumped to the yeast tank where the yeast is added. The yeast transforms the sugar in the herb into alcohol and carbon dioxide. After 2-3 and up to 12 weeks of storage, the beer is ready and ready for serving.