Vendia Gourmet

Our aim is to give you an experience that is more than just a tasty meal, but a holistic experience, where everything, taste, preparation, drink, compositions and atmosphere, must together give you a total gastronomic experience.

The menu is structured as a thematic whole.
We use Fauna & Flora from the local area.
Every single dish on the menu is carefully built around a specially selected local producer & raw material.

Good products require a great deal of respect and care in preparation and composition.
Therefore, you are obliged to do your best.

We always do our best.

Rise & Co


Full menu with juice menu 1.995 DKK
Full menu with wine menu 2.500 DKK
Full menu with exclusive wine menu 5.000 DKK

*Prices are per person.


*Prior reservation required. Please contact us by phone 98 92 22 29 or by e-mail