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Vendia Gourmet

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MENU “North Sea 2018”

Our biggest wish is to provide you with a comfortable and completely relaxed evening. We have therefore chosen to put together the menu and the wines for you.

Our goal is to give you an experience that is more than just a tasty meal, but a whole experience where all tastes, dishes, wines, compositions and ambience together will give you a gastronomic overall experience.

The menu is built as a thematic whole – this time you will experience the best from one of the largest dining chambers in the area – the “North Sea”, each dish is carefully built around a specially selected main element from the North Sea – and it takes great respect and care for the individual main element.

Pr. person all incl. 2000, –

When you eat in Vendia Gourmet, the cookbook “Food with attitude” can be purchased for 100, – (Normal price 150, -)

* Reservation required.