Vendia Gourmet

Vendia Gourmet

Welcome in the Vendia Gourmet

Our greatest desire is to give you a pleasent and completely relaxed evening. Therefore we have chosen the menu and paired it with the wine to complete it.

Our wish is to give you an experience that exceeds a tasteful meal, to give you a wholesome experience, where all aspects of the evening, tate, wine pairing and the atmosphere will give a wholesome gastronomic experience.

The menu i created around a theme, which this time will take you on a gastro philosophical journey, where we will pair the philosophical expressions to the servings of food and wine.

With quality products comes great responsibility and respect in the way we handle and cook it. It´s the aesthetic expression i the dishes, interaction between the servings of food and wine, it have to be a unique experince – it have to be our DNA.

A meal shold be enjoyed in the moment, but also give cauce to reflect and be memorable.

This is our Gastro philosophy.

Philosophy is a contraction of the Greek words for love and wisdom – and this time, for the Gastronomy.

Rise & Co.

Menu and wine paring DKK 2.500, –

Menu and Juice Paring DKK 2.000,-

Menu and prestige wine DKK 5.000,-


* Reservation required.