Brasserie or bistro

Brasserie or Bistro

What is the actual difference between a bistro and a brasserie?

The brasserie is where the slightly more expensive dishes are served. The Brasserie traditionally has a fixed menu, white tablecloths and “professional” employees – that is, hired staff with a professional education. There is a large selection of beverages – from wine to spirits. Brasserie means directly translated brewery. It is thus a gourmet experience that awaits these places. In addition, it is traditionally a restaurant for life lovers who goes out to be in accompanied, see and be seen – and not just to silence the hunger.

The bistro or bistro is a name for more rustic food houses that originated in the cellar restaurant, which landlords earned an additional distinction to have. Here they initially offered the renters food, but later opened up to the public. The service is therefore more rustic and homely, and you can afford more. Dishes are traditionally simple with great focus on goodness. The range of drinks is customized to the menu card and not least to the guests who come frequently.